FPVNation Cup 2019 Results

After a season full of adrenaline we are happy to announce the winners of the FPVNation Cup 2019, as well as the new Luxembourgish Champion. Congratulations to the winners and THANK YOU all for participating!

Overall Results

Individual Stage Results

The ranking above is based on the official FPVNation Cup 2019 Rules.

A.4.1. Event

Final FPVNation Racing Cup rankings will consist of the total
of two individual Stage results. Points gathered in the last
mandatory Stage will be added with the best result from the
other two Stages.
In the event of a tie, qualification results will act as tiebreaker.
In the event of a tie on the qualification results, the concerned
competitors will share the place in the final ranking.

p. 9 of the official rulebook