December 15th 2016, FPVNation is born.

A group of FPV-fascinated pilots founded a non-profit organisation in order to share their passion with everyone.

As of today, the working committee counts four members: Roy Ostrowski, Christian Fischer, Luc Wirtz and Saskia Schmitt.

Together we organise all sorts of FPV-related events.

FPV means First Person View. In our case, First Person View flight. It doesn’t matter if you fly a multirotor (drone), a model airplane or a delta-wing, as long as it’s equipped with FPV-technology. Technology transmitting an image from a camera on the aircraft onto the pilot’s screen or goggles. To those who have never experienced FPV-flight: Seeing the image transmitted by the camera feels like being aboard your drone!

We aim to spread our hobby across the country and we’d be glad to guide you into the amazing world that is FPV-flying!

Another one of our association’s main aims is to inform and educate people about FPV-flying in general, and more specifically about the rules and restrictions in place.

If you would like to join the incredible FPV-experience, feel free to contact us at any moment! We’re always glad to see new members diving into our world and meet up in smaller and bigger events.

We, as a team, hope to see you soon.
‘Til then, fly safe!

Your FPVNation crew.









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