FPVNation Cup 2020 cancelled!

Dear Pilots, dear drone fans,
We hope that you are all safe and healthy in these difficult times!
It is with a heavy heart that we are posting the following news, but after a lot of thinking we came to the conclusion that this is the only right choice.
Due to the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the lasting “Etat de crise” (state of crisis) in Luxembourg, as well as the cancellation of the POST Luxembourg Balloon Trophy, we decided to cancel the racing season 2020. This means that the FPVNation Cup 2020 will not take place.
In the hope that we will have overcome this difficult situation by the end of September, we still encourage you to keep the 26-27 September marked in your calendars. Should the clouds of corona have cleared up by then, we would love to do everything we can to welcome you for a last fun race before we all have to pack up for winter.
At the same time we would like to ask you to follow the rules and restrictions established by your respective governments, so that we can all overcome this period as quickly and healthy as we can!
Stay safe,
Your FPVNation team