Register now for Stage 3 of the FPVNation Cup 2019!

Hello lovely people,

The day has come. August 25th. 4 more weeks until the 3rd and final stage of the FPVNation Cup 2019! This means that regular registrations have just been opened!

Register below to be part of this!

We would like to remind you of some important specifications:

– the model must weigh under 1kg and fit into a circle of 330mm in diameter
– up to 6S (25,5V)
– 4 VTXs supported on 25mW (TBS Unify, IRC Tramp, Furious FPV Stealth, Rush Tank)
– up to 6” propeller size
– 8 on demand programmable LEDs under the model (OBLIGATORY!)

The complete official rulebook can be downloaded below:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments!


We hope to see you on the 22nd of September!