Stage 2 results

After hours and hours of work, we are glad to say: Stage 2 was a success!

Once more we would like to thank all of the helping hands we had over the last few days! Every single one of you did an AMAZING job!

Also, we would like to say thank you to our sponsors! You allowed us to make our events what they are!

And last of all, THANK YOU PILOTS! Even if our organisation had been perfect, without pilots it would all mean nothing! We hope to see you all on Stage 3 in September! If you have pictures or videos to share on instagram, we can share them to our website, under #insta – all you have to do is include #fpvnation_org

After reading all of this, you deserve to know how the ranking turned out!

Find the ranking of Stage 2 and the overall ranking of the FPVNation Cup below.


See you in September!