LDC 2018 – Racing Circuit

Ladies and gentlemen, please find below a draft of the Dronogate racing circuit for the Luxembourgish Drone Championship 2018 and the International Open Race.


We would like to thank our sponsors, without whom there would not be any circuit! Thank you Drone FPV Racer, Mylipo, Betafpv, CherryCraft Finest FPV Gear, Video Aerial Systems, Games Tower, Wezenberg. !

Another set of thank yous goes out to Agence Immobilière Toussaint Abby, Café “Am Heim”, HfM Hoffmann Mersch, Chocolate House Mersch, Fleurs Karblum, Garage Kremer Mersch, HORNBACH, Freelander’s Sports, APC Propellers, Lux-Drones, Weidert men’s finest,  Agence AXA Rumelange / Laurent Reisdorff,  Cinemotion, Malerbetrieb Overdick for helping us in the realisation of this event!


Find a map of the venue below: