Collaboration with Modell Club Petite Suisse

Dear Pilots,

It is with great pleasure that we announce a cooperation of the two associationsĀ FPVNation and Modell Club Petite Suisse Berdorf.

The collaboration consists of a bilateral agreement that the pilots of each association will be given the opportunity to use the other’s airfields on a regular basis.
This way we hope to support one another by generating more traffic on both sides, but especially on MCPS’ wonderful airfield.

Together we are determined to bring new life to their location and show the world that our activities are not disappearing!

On this occasion we would like to thank Jeannot Behm, MCPS’ president, and all the members of his association for making this cooperation possible! We are looking forward to it and to both sports’ promising future!

Fly safe!
Your FPVNation team